We crossed into Alberta early on August 30, 2006, and the landscape, was already turning from prairie to foothills. On previous visits to Alberta we spent time in Calgary, in the summer and Banff in the winter, both closer to the Canadian Rockies than we will be this time.


Our Alberta visit was limited to 3 days in Lethbridge time, but we hadn't been to this area before, so it was new for us.


Lethbridge's main landmark is the CP Rail viaduct bridge. This massive steel trestle bridge was designed by the Canadian Pacific Railway's bridge department in Montreal. It was erected in 1907-09 and, although there were some problems early in the construction, it still stands and remains one of the highest and longest bridges of its type in the world.

As we crossed Saskatchewan we kept seeing references to "Fort Whoop Up" which we discovered is located in Lethbridge, at least a re-creation of it is here, we certainly had to have a look at it.



On Friday, before leaving Alberta for Montana we discovered that the refridgerator had quit. It won't be easy getting any repairs during the Labor Day weekend, so we hope thsat, by keeping it packed with ice we can make it to Yakima where we can get the repairs done!


Although we've enjoyed visiting Cabada, we haven't enjoyed driving on the highways very much. The lack of rest stops that accomodate the motorhome, and truck stops where we can fill up have made it a little nerve wracking.


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