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 Palm Springs

It was a relatively short drive from Lake Havasu City to Indio, CA which is part of the Palm Springs metro area.

Palm Springs seems to be mostly made up of golf courses, retirement communities,country club condo developments and the roads that connect them!

This picture shows a balloon trying not to land, on someone's roof!

  Our second night in town we went out to dinner at Applebee's with Chris and Agnes who arrived this afternoon from Santa Cruz.
We spent Thanksgiving at Uncle Ken's home in Rancho Mirage with cousins Sheila, Cathy and Terry along with an assortment of spouses and children. You can see more detail by clicking on the "happy turkey." (Clicking the turkey will take you to another site with pictures taken at the family dinner)

Leaving Palm Springs - A windmill farm
Through the Mohave Desert- some windswept rock formations and Joshua trees

 --- There seemed to be a lot of oil drilling going on as we drove across California, but for some reason the gas was much more expensive there!

Paso Robles and the Nearby Coast
 We spent a week in one of California's wine regions, there were about 100 wineries in the area of our campground. We did a little tasting!  S_R_2896.JPG S_R_2754.JPG  S_R_2922.JPG S_R_2925.JPG S_R_2926.JPG
Here we are in El Paso de Robles in a courtyard among some wine and gourmet food shops.

 Every year thousands of Monarch butterflies come to nearby Pismo Beach to spend the winter in the pine and eucalyptus groves.  S_R_2863.JPG S_R_2876C.jpg S_R_2878c.jpg

William Randolph Hearst's Castle at San Simeon, CA. We didn't go up to the castle as it was late in the day when we got there and would have required taking a bus tour costing $20.00 each.


 After more than 2 months here we are back at the coast, about 1100 miles from home.
 Some pelicans and other sea birds at the shore in Cambria, CA  Seabirds.jpg

Santa Cruz

On December 9th, we finally reached Santa Cruz and Chez Doutre. We'll stay here until after Xmas when we'll head for south Texas.

 Our first night in Santa Cruz, a gourmet dinner with the Doutres

 S_R_2940l.jpg S_R_2942.JPG
 S_R_2948.JPG S_R_2953.JPG   S_R_2968.jpg

S_R_2976.jpg S_R_2986.jpg

   Getting ready for the Xmas Bash - de-tangling and putting up the lights.

The Xmas Tree


 Dec. 16, 2005: Since the weather was so nice today, we did some sightseeing in Santa Cruz.

At the water, near the Surfing Museum, where we listened to the barking of the sea lions and watched the surfers.

     At the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf; these sea lions are trying to nap on the wharf, in spite of the noise from their friends in the water
   After lunch near the wharf, we took a walk in the Boardwalk Amusement Park, which was closed, so we weren't able to enjoy the deep fried Twinkies!

 Then down to the marina to see Chris & Agnes' boat, "True North."    


December 24, 2005 - It was a beautiful sunny California day so we visited Monterey with Chris and Agnes today. We stopped at an "English" store to buy some chutney and get Ron a Cadbury Flake bar like the kind his Grandmother used to send him from Scotland.



 It was a great day for a walk on the "Old Fisherman's Wharf.


Xmas eve - the parcels are wrapped and safely tucked under the tree, waiting patiently for xmas morning.





   After a Xmas eve dinner of Quebec Tourtiere, we enjoyed a drink by the "campfire" on the patio.


December 25, 2005 - Santa was good to everyone in Santa Cruz; Chris got tools and BBQ stuff, Ron got a new navigation system for the motorhome, Linda and Agnes got slipper socks and some needed kitchen goodies.

For more Xmas pictures, click HERE.



Back to Paso Robles


After a fun Xmas, all four of us drove back to Paso Robles wine country to taste some wines and say goodbye for now.

This "Champagne Fountain" decorates a vineyard near Paso Robles.

 One winery we visited provided a selection of wigs and hats for tasters to wear, we all decided to be redheads. Chris & Agnes are the racy mad hatters.   ---

 New Year's Eve, 2005 - We celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary in Desert Hot Springs with a nice dinner and a champagne toast

 2006 Begins

 When we bought our motorhome, it came with a big monogram "S" on the back. Since neither of our initials is "S" we had been thinking of a way to get rid of it.

Enter Linda's cousin, Cathy Lehman, and her sign-making talent. We'd already see the work she did on "True North," so we asked her to work her magic on the motorhome. Cathy and husband, Bob, made it happen in only 1 day. The result is this great sun graphic. The first picture shows the coach before the change, the second shows the transformation team in action and the third afterwards.

Full pictures of the transformation are HERE.

Cathy and Bob, at the campsite in Desert Hot Springs