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 Idaho, on the way to Utah
We left Yakima on Oct. 18, 2005 and headed for Nampa, ID (just outside Boise.) It was a longer drive than we usually like in a day, and we lost an hour switching to Mountain Time, but we made it to our campsite just around sunset, and had a nice dinner. The 19th was a resting day. On Oct. 20th we headed across Idaho and some of Utah for Sandy, a town just south of Salt Lake City. This was a slightly shorter drive, and we were camped by about 4PM.


Idaho, through the windshield. Most of our view of Idaho was pretty flat. 


Idaho - the Trip West

The Idaho we crossed on the trip home was different from the one we crossed on the trip east.


A year ago we crossed near the southern part of the state, which is mostly flat; this time we crossed the northern "panhandle" which is in the Rocky Mountains.


Some of the roads are so steep that, every couple of miles, there are "Runaway Truck Zones" to help truck stop if their brakes fail.



Here's Ron in Idaho.  

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