It was a dull, rainy trip from Salisbury, MA through the tip of New Hampshire and across part of Maine, but we made it without mishap - or moose - to Hereon, ME near Bangor on Friday May 12.

The rain is continuing in the area of Massachusetts we were visiting, I hope it ends before we get back.



Saturday was dryer, but cloudy, but since it wasn't raining, we drove to Acadia National Park on Mt. Desert Island, about 50 miles away. We'd visited Bar Harbor a couple of times, but never visited the National Park. We were expecting a rocky Atlantic coast with crashing waves, as we remember from previous visits. It seems that, just when you think you've seen it all, you're surprised again. Thunder Hole, in the park, was just one of these surprises.



Before leaving Maine, we made sure to see the "sights" if Bangor, including the nation's tallest statue of Paul Bunyan!

If the rain lets up, we may spend a little more time in Maine on the return trip.


 Maine Southbound - the Return Trip

We crossed into Maine at Houlton; after a quick lunch we set out for Bangor - with Linda driving.

That's right, I finally got my chance to drive on the highway. I drove the 58 miles from Houlton to Medway. Not a lot of traffic on this stretch of road - go figure!

I knew I could drive this rig, and lots of women we've met on the road are the primary drivers, I just needed some practice time to get more comfortable.



Ron convinced me it was time to practice since we knew from the trip north that this stretch of road was pretty straight, mostly flat and lightly traveled!

It was a little scary when we were passed by a semi, and when we had to navigate some kind of police investigation that was going on in the middle of the road, but otherwise an uneventful trip.



The DeLorme Map Store is in Yarmouth, ME on our way from Bangor to Salisbury, so we had to stop in as see all the goodies! They had a large inventory of maps, charts, globes, software, map books and map toys for map lovers to drool over. Ron made sure to mop up before we left!


Another major attraction at the DeLorme building was "Eartha," a scale model of the earth.

With a circumfrence od nearly 130 feet, Eartha is the world's largest rotating and revolving globe. Here Ron checks out the lakes in Africa..




Unfortunately the globe wasn't revolving the day we visited, it was undergoing maintenance. I guess we'll just have to came back to maine!

This view is from the "top of the world."



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