It's August and we're back in the USA driving through Michigan . We crossed the border at Sarina/Port Huron and spent 2 nights in Emmett, then west and north to Petoskey for a couple of nights before heading up to Lake Superior on the Upper Peninsula.

Petoskey is one of those towns that has been a summer resort for almost 100 years. Older homes with wide porches and gingerbread trim line the bay along with smaller cottages and inns reminiscent of vacations without cell phones and beepers!


All over the country we've found small towns like this, resorts with quaint restaurants and antique shops as if the nation's old junk is somehow more attractive when it's far removed from big cities!



Thursday (Aug 3) found us crossing the Straits of Macinac onto Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The Mackinac Bridge is similar in construction to the Golden Gate Bridge, but much longer.



Gitchee Gumee, From the look of the campground's website, we expected something out of the ordinary, and we got it. This place is a cross between a museum and a junkyard, with a fudge factory thrown in to "sweeten" the deal!



In spite of the fact of their incredible web site, they don't have WiFi in the park, which seems strange, however, "Ranger Jeff" told us that he is planning on installing WiFi soon; his son is making the tower out of beer kegs welded together.



The erosion of differing types of sandstone, and the effect of minerals on the seeping water give the cliffs around this part of lake Superior varying colors and erosion patterns; it's called Pictured Rocks. On Sunday we took a boat cruise of the cliffs and caves.


Monday, August 7, 2006 was cooler and windy; after the wind crosses the 166 miles of Lake Superior fron Canada to Michigan, it creates waves that crash up on the rocks and remind us of the ocean. We even saw a surfer!



For the past 10 months we have been traveling, looking for new and interesting things to see, and following the good weather. Ironically, the temperature in Marquette, MI where we are staying, was reported by CNN to be the lowest in the US last night (Aug. 7, 2006!)

Time to head for Wisconsin!




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