At 10:45 AM on August 13, 2006 we crossed the St. Croix river into Minnesota. We have now visited all of the lower 48 states together! This doesn't mean we're finished traveling, it just means we now know where we need to go again! Of course Hawaii and Alaska are still in the "to do" list!

Having spent January and February in south Texas, we were well prepared to see so many cars with Minnesota plates.

We spent a day visiting the Minneapolis area; Mall of America and Downtown Minneapolis. We didn't have enough time this visit to get across the Mississippi into St. Paul.

While shopping we couldn't help but notice the large number of bug sprays and insect repellents on the store shelves, this and the number of bites we've gotten tell us that Minnesota is home to a lot more six and eight legged vermin than we are used to!

We also noticed that, as we crossed into Minnesota there seem to suddenly be a lot of stores. Apparently this is because Minnesota does not have any sales tax on clothes or groceries. It would almost seem like a lack of taxes is good for the economy; what a revelation!

August 17th - Ron's birthday, now he can get a lifetime pass to all National Parks, Recreation Areas and any other facilities that usually have a fee!

We went into Moorhead, MN for some lunch today, and, while reading the dessert menu, Ron discovered that the restaurant gave you your meal for free on your birthday, he even got free birthday cake flavored ice cream!


On Friday we toured Moorhead and Fargo. Like many cities they have scattered painted "animals" throughout the town. In this case - bison. Some of this "Prairie Herd" are in Moorhead, MN and some are in Fargo, ND.

This slideshow will only show 9 of the bisons, there were over 70 in all; we didn't get to see them all and it wasn't possible to stop to photograph all of the ones we did see.



Many of the inhabitants of this part of the country are descended from Scandinavian settlers, and we visited a Scandinavian and pioneer cultural center in Moorhead. Robert Asp, who was of Norwegian descent decided to build a replica of a Viking ship and sail it to Norway.

Although he died before the project was finished, the ship was completed and did make the trip in 1982 with a crew of 12 including his 3 sons and his daughter.


The ship was transported to Duluth where is sailed across Lake Superior and down to New York via the Erie Canal system; the Atlantic crossing, took 6 weeks.

While in New York State, The Buffalo,Westside Rowing Club took up oars to row the ship to North Tonowanda, and the beginning of the Erie Canal.

Most of August 19th was pent following the Red River as it flowed northward from North Dakota to Manitoba.

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