After an absence of almost 16 years, we're back in n New York State.

First stop is Schenectady for a rest then on to Waterloo (the Birthplace of Memorial Day,) then Cambria, near Lewiston.


On one of our first tenting trips in 1976 we visited the State Park in Watkins Glen, so we decided to pay it another visit while we were in Waterloo.

The park surrounds a gorge, home to 19 waterfalls and some spectacular scenery.



Also near Waterloo is the town of Seneca Falls where the first women's rights conference was held n the US.

Women's Rights National Park maintains the site along with exhibits. This sign stands at the corner of Falls and Mynderse Streets where the conference was held.

Inside the visitors' center are life sized sculptures of early supporters of women's rights like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Frederick Douglass who are shown at the far left in this group.

What began as a quest for simple political equality has led us to the mire of political correctness!




When we lived here we didn't do the "tourist thing" at Niagara Falls, so we decided it was about time to visit one of the most recognizable natural wonders in the world.

On Saturday we toured the state park on the American side, and spent Sunday afternoon sdeeing the sights from the Canadian side.

We even had a chance to visit with my friend, Patsy and her husband, Bob. Patsy & I worked together at Warren Hoffman in Niagara Falls. Here we are at lunch on Tonawanda Island.



We moved to Lewiston from Toronto in the summer of 1990 and left for Blaine, WA at the end of 1993. Prior to moving to Lewiston, it was one of our favorite weekend getaway places.

I made a short visit in the summer of 1994, but we haven't been back since then. It's surprising how little has changed in the past 12 years.



During the War if 1812 an attempt was made to invade Canada from Lewiston. The attempt was a failure for several reasons, one of which was that the American Militia refused to cross the river on the basis that the Militia was for the defense of the US only and that it was illegal for them to invade a foreign country!


Lewiston was also a stop on the Underground Railroad for former slaves seeking freedom in Canada, and claims to be the birthplace of the cocktail.





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